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7 Meaningful Baptism Gifts for Baby Boys and Girls

One of my best childhood friends invited me to their son’s baptism and I needed to bring a gift! I asked friends what they would give as a gift and I received all kinds of suggestions. Here are the best ones that I found after looking around.

Personalized Round Keepsake Box

Personalized Keepsake Box
Photo courtesy Susabellas

This is very simple, but so useful for a little one to keep jewelry or other keepsakes. It will store rings, necklaces, earrings, change, and you can add a custom message inside. It’s a lovely gift for a baptism!

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Child of God Leather Bracelet

Child of God
Photo courtesey laureldenise

Leathercraft is a growing art and this bracelet is a wonderful reminder for a child of their true identity in Christ. Ask the Lord to give you a few words to describe the child. Loved. Cherished. Blessed. Add those words to the bracelet and they’ll always know who they are in Christ.

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Baby Baptism Block

Photo courtesy HomesteadEngraving

This wooden block is a perfect gift idea for a baptism. Add the date on one side and even the child’s name on the other.

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Personalized Photo Frame

Photo courtesy BlueRidgeMountainCo

Another great idea is this customized picture frame that will bring many years of memories. Add the child’s name and the date of the baptism to always remember!

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Personalized Family Print

Photo courtesy TheMarmaladeTree

When I give a framed picture as a gift, it’s always a reminder and can be seen every time I visit. What a perfect way to give a reminder to the child of your words and promise. Write your favorite verse and bless them every time they read it!

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Personalized Picture Frame

Photo courtesy PhotoPhilosophyShop

Simple, elegant, and beautiful. This frame is 8″ x 8″ with space for a 3.5″ x 3.5″ wallet photo in the middle. It’s all that’s needed for a simple baptism gift.

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Nursery Art Print

Photo courtesy SplendidStreetPress

I remember my mom teaching me to say my prayers at night before going to bed. What’s a better gift than teaching a child to say their prayers at night? This cardstock art print comes is a few sizes and can be personalized with the child’s name.

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