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7 Adorable Crochet Toys for Babies

I love to see newborns and babies interacting with the environment around them. Looking, listening, feeling, and taking everything in through their newfound senses! It’s so beautiful to watch a new creation exploring the world!

These crochet toys are a safe way for babies to begin to touch and feel objects around them. And these are the most adorable little creations ever! Here are my favorite that I’ve found!

This Stripey Owl Baby Rattle by Naomi @ Lovely Little Life is just adorable! It’s a cute gift and an easy pattern to make.

Owl Toy

Is it a toy put this pattern up for free on her website and it’s such a cute design! Kudos to her and her creative skills!

Little Bear Crochets is doing beautiful work and is sharing her patterns with us! Look at these little guys 🙂

Amy Gaines has her Baby Doll Set on Ravelry and I think they’re the cutest baby dolls I’ve ever seen!

Lucy Collin’s Blue Totoro Amigurumi is another one that I love. Just look at his little eyes!

The LOOP Baby Toy by Amy Herbst is another one that’s perfect for your little one! Those little fingers will grab on to this toy and won’t let go!

Kiko the Monkey! So cute. Stephanie over at allaboutami.com put this pattern out for others to use. She’s been featured in crochet blogs and magazines!

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